These 5 Celebrities Are Pipcorn Fans!

These 5 Celebrities Are Pipcorn Fans!

Pipcorn | January 30

Celebrity endorsements are a big deal for any brand, but they’re even more amazing when you’re a growing family business! We’re over the moon that these celebs found our products and loved them enough to give us a shout out.

1. Oprah


Oprah is the original fan of Pipcorn, which is fitting given she's the OG of most things. She added Pipcorn to her Favorite Things list for the first time in 2012 (and three more times after that!). We created a special lemon truffle flavor for her at her request (and yes, real lemons were zested on every batch!). It was crazy delicious—who knew that lemon + truffle = perfection? We’d been playing with the idea of doing a truffle popcorn for a while, but we always ended up sticking to classics like sea salt and kettle. Hearing that Oprah wanted a truffle popcorn, and then that she picked it as one of her Favorite Things, convinced us to make it a permanent part of our flavor lineup and it paid off big time! It’s become our signature flavor!

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2. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba’s hair stylist Brittney Ryan shared this video on Instagram of the actress / businesswoman / badass mom snacking on our Jalapeño Cheddar Heirloom Cheese Balls! Jessica says she created her wellness brand, The Honest Company, “because you shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you,” so it makes sense that she loves our heirloom cheese balls, because we believe what’s good for you and what’s delicious should go hand in hand! Our cheese balls, while fun and delicious, are made with heirloom corn, real organic cheddar, color that comes from paprika and no artificial ingredients so you don't have to compromise. Be sure to check out the video of this #HonestMama talking about Pipcorn!

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3. Barbara Corcoran


We originally won over Barbara Corcoran on ABC’s Shark Tank with our mini popcorn, but these days she says she can’t choose a favorite snack. (Full disclosure: Barbara is an investor in Pipcorn, so it's sort of like saying our mom thinks we are great.) However, if you know anything about Barbara, you know she is as honest as honest gets, so when she says she loves Pipcorn, we know she means it. Also, we know to always bring Heirloom Corn Dippers when we have meetings with Barbara!

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4. Kim Kardashian


In 2018, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her family on an airplane that shows her daughter North holding a bag of Pipcorn Sea Salt Heirloom Popcorn and we couldn’t believe our eyes. We love that the now-mom-of-four would give Pipcorn to her kids—and that our packaging was cute enough to get Kim Kardashian photo approval!

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5. Kate Spade


Kate Spade was the first celeb to ever post about our product, and it was on our very first day selling (ever) at Smorasburg, an outdoor food market in Brooklyn. We were floored, and it gave us so much confidence! Also, if you don't know our story, yes, we started at outdoor markets; yes, those are our original hand-stamped Pipcorn bags; and yes, we had a coffee kettle flavor (🙊)—but that’s a story for another blog post.

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